We raised the office temperature in our building to help close the gender climate gap. See how you can too.


What's the problem

If you enter an office building during the hot summer months, you'll notice most women inside are layered in blankets, sweaters, and have space heaters under their desks. Why? Last year, the New York Times ran an article revealing that most offices are air conditioned based on a standard model developed in the 60s that was determined by the metabolic rate of 40-year-old, 154-pound men1. Read: our buildings' temperatures are programmed to run cooler for the men inside them.

In a lot of office buildings, you see energy consumption is a lot higher because the standard is calibrated for men's body heat production.

- Globe and Mail, 2015

Why do we care

While it may seem like a trivial issue, studies show that people are less productive when they're cold2. Since reports also show that it's easier for people to adjust to being too warm than it is for them to adjust to being too cold3, we want to make offices warmer and therefore more comfortable for the women inside them. But first, we're starting with our own office building.

How do we fix it

BBDO Toronto is located inside 2 Bloor West, one of the most prominent buildings in our city. After asking our building staff to adjust the air conditioning all summer with little luck, we finally went to the building management. We were thrilled to hear them agree. Join us and share our video, or the letter below, with your building management and help set the temperature straight. Together let's help make the workplace more comfortable for women!


We think everyone should feel comfortable at work. So how can you change your work climate? Well, it could be as easy as sending them a letter. And you don't even have to write it! Download the letter below, fill in your name, and send it to your office building management. There's strength in numbers, so get friends in your office to do the same. Let us know when your work climate is changed on social media with #ChangeTheWorkClimate.